Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Peaceful, Easy Feeling...

...on the outside, but I am giddy with excitement on the inside! Bruce and I have tickets to the Eagles concert at our very own Maui Arts and Cultural Center!!!

I remember the first Eagles song I heard. It was "Hotel California," and it played on the radio a couple mornings a week around the time my mom drove my brother and I to school. I must have been in fourth or fifth grade at the time. (They also played "Sultans of Swing," by Dire Straights, which was my brothers favorite song.) Was my mom cool, or what?

I won tickets from a radio station to see Don Henley at the former Irvine Meadows Amphitheater in California about 15 years ago, and won tickets again about 8 years ago to see the Eagles front row at Aloha Stadium on Oahu (BTW, the front row is highly overrated!). This time they sold out four shows at the Blaisdell Arena on Oahu - I was dying to go and tried to win tickets again but, alas, no such luck. And it would have been far too expensive to fly over there.

Then, they announced they were coming to Maui. Now, you have to realize that this is a HUGE event! These rockers sell out entire stadiums and we are so lucky to have them here, on Maui, at our little A&B Amphitheater - the smallest and most intimate venue on the entire tour. It's kind of like having them play for you personally! I hope this encourages other big name groups to come here. Sting is probably the other biggie to play here, and that was great too.

So, about the tickets. Since they went on sale last Thursday, of course I couldn't take off work to stand in line, so I tried to order them by phone. After an hour of trying to get through and 40 minutes in the voice mail queue on hold, I pretty much talked myself out of it. "It's too expensive," "I was lucky to see them before," "How spoiled can I get?" So I gave up.

Imagine my surprise when my mother-in-law, Barbara, presented Bruce and I with tickets on Saturday morning!!! Our special early Christmas present, she said, since she knew I really, really wanted to go. How great is that? She had gone to see A Chorus Line on Thursday night at the MACC and stopped by the box office (no line!!) and picked them up. THANKS, MOM!

I am so jazzed and Bruce is looking forward to it too. I even dreamt last night that Don Henley came over for dinner - how cool would that be?

The concert's on December 6th. How are we going to wait?

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