Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Blog Whine

I've been surfing lots of blogs in the Artful Quilters ring lately, and I have a wish/whine list!

First, let me say that many are nicely laid out and easy to read. I enjoy everyone's posts and try to get through as many as I can. Here is my wish list:
  • First, for mine, that I would actually post something quilt-related. I seem to have deviated from the theme and reason for my blog: to share (what I hope is) interesting things about quilting on Maui and projects I am working on. So, my goal is to post at least one item once a week about quilt projects for the rest of the year to get back on track.
  • It would be great if the link to the AQ web ring was in a common place on everyone's blog so you didn't have to scroll down or search for it each time. I read a lot of the blogs regularly and if they aren't updated it would be great just to click and get to the next one.
  • Left and right margins (even small ones) are a good thing! Full screen text is hard to read (or maybe it just pops up that way on my computer).
  • Dark backgrounds are harder to read, but if your text has good contrast, it's easier.
Here's some of my favorite things:
  • Regular posters (again, a slap on my wrist!)
  • Lots of pictures of works in progress
  • Travelogues - it's fun to see where you've been and the things that catch your eye
  • Being linked to a like-minded web ring
  • Bio pictures - it's like getting to know you in person (I'll post one this weekend!)
Do you agree or disagree? Let me know your thoughts.

Aloha for now.


angie said...

I agree with you! I'm so disappointed when the blogs I visit regularly don't mention quilting, so I just keep searching. The best blogs are easy to read and have a picture on every post.

Caitlin O'Connor said...

Well, I try to update regularly - but health doesn't always permit. I like quilting posts - once a week is a cool idea - but I also like to know the person blogging. My pet hate? Blogs that ONLY let you comment if you're a member of blogger/blogspot/etc.

Karoda said...

I think a picture with every post is a little over the top...but I do love posting with regularity...not necessarily daily or even every other day but if I can get the rhythm of the bloggers posting habits then I'm good to go...its just when the rhythm is thrown off I get concerned about the person wondering if they are ok.

Elle said...

I try to post regularly, but like Karoda, I get a little concerned too when I see that a regular poster hasn't in a while. I cycle through all AQ every 2 days so I'll know.

Vicky aka stichr said...

Being a visual person I love to look at pictures. I try to post quilty stuff often because that means I am doing it, but sometimes other things need to be posted too. Like Alien photos...