Sunday, May 10, 2009


I am getting ready to leave on vacation.  It's still a week away, but I'm a sort of "plan-in-advance" girl, so I'm getting everything ready.  

I'm so excited to be attending the SAQA conference in Athens, Ohio!  If you are a SAQA member and going to be there, I can't wait to meet you!  I can't tell you how great I think this adventure is going to be...I don't get to travel to these kinds of things very often, so it is SPECIAL. I am most looking forward to meeting the folks I feel that I've gotten to know through the web, blogs and the SAQA list.

After the SAQA conference I'm off to Cody, Wyoming to meet up with my darling husband, who has been there since April 30.  I MISS HIM LIKE CRAZY.   We will have a week there with my uncle (and many outdoor adventures) before coming home on June 1.

Packing has been interesting.  I am trying to go on this trip with one carry-on suitcase and my laptop bag. HMMM...packing for 70 degree weather and 50 degree weather is definitely a challenge.  I am sending my cold weather clothes to Wyoming and my "nutrition kit" to Athens, Ohio via USPS so I can be warm AND adhere to the training program I am on while I travel.  It has been a fun challenge to see what all I can get in these two bags without toting around 100lbs.  I think I've done very well.

I'm not taking any handwork on this trip, despite a lot of travel time.  I'm taking three books: "Notes from Montana" and "Wapiti Wilderness" which I plan to leave at my Uncle's in Wyoming, and the new bio about Dara Torres, the Olympic swimmer.  For a guilty pleasure I downloaded "Top Chef Season Three."   I'm sure to keep myself occupied.

I am taking my laptop with me and plan to post along the way - sure to be some quilt-related stuff in there somewhere, especially the first part!