Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to Work!

I finally got the agapanthus quilt back out to finish!  Because this project is so large, I couldn't stand back far enough to get in the whole pattern, but you get the drift.  I only have that last portion on the right to finish for the background.

Once I finish piecing the background, it will be time to add the border and do all of the hand applique.  I plan to applique all of the blossoms for the flowers - lot's of work, but I think it will go quicker than the piecing!  Plus, I'm really looking forward to doing some hand work.

Here's some of the array of 
fabrics I'm using for this quilt.  It has been fun to collect different fabrics to get the variety I wanted.  Now I have a TON of black and whites.  I really had to search high and low to find white fabrics with just a little bit of black.

The last picture shows the quilt in progress.  The color is terrible (I'm not sure what's up with my camera!), but you get the idea.  This quilt is big and doesn't fit on my small design wall.  Once I get the last piece done I'll move it out to the big design wall in the garage for a better pic!

It feels good to get back to a project.  I really enjoy working on this one.  More soon...