Monday, June 26, 2006

Been a Long Time...

...since I've posted. Had family visiting from the Mainland and all sorts of craziness. My nephew, Keoni, had an accident and ended up in the hospital for three days. He's out but will probably have knee surgery later this week. Weep!

So, I'm behind in everything. Will have some fun stuff to post soon.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

It's OK to Cut It

This is that piece of fabric I mentioned earlier. The one that my friend, Jane, dyed?

I've hung on to this piece of fabric for probably over two years, afraid to cut into it. What if I started cutting it then decided I wanted it whole? What if I use a piece that would work better in another project? What if, what if, what IF?

I know you have fabric in your stash that you could "what if" yourself crazy over. So, go to your closet, pull it out, and cut into it.

I promise, you'll feel better that you used it!

Tulips - View II


Here is a full view of my new "Tulip" project. I need to work on the green area to get better perspective - I've got some ideas, just need to experiment a little bit.

I'm happy with the angle of the fence post and really get the feeling you're looking down on the flowers.

I'm going to have to dig in my stash for the right greens for the leaves - darker than the "grass" but not too dark.

Mud Dog

Did I tell you that Cody loves the mud? His favorite yard toy is the hose. He also loves the rake, and you can't water or rake without a great deal of difficulty.

He spent the better part of Saturday morning wallowing in the planter under one of the plumeria trees. The hose was running and he played and played.

He'd already had his morning swim and run at the beach, so he retired to the deck for a relaxing Saturday afternoon nap.

Morning Greeting