Thursday, June 08, 2006

Mud Dog

Did I tell you that Cody loves the mud? His favorite yard toy is the hose. He also loves the rake, and you can't water or rake without a great deal of difficulty.

He spent the better part of Saturday morning wallowing in the planter under one of the plumeria trees. The hose was running and he played and played.

He'd already had his morning swim and run at the beach, so he retired to the deck for a relaxing Saturday afternoon nap.


Sande said...

Cody is SO cute. We're trying to introduce our shepherd to the hose now that it's summer. He's a little leery of it so far but will be unstoppable once he decides it's fun.

Mandi aka Fabric Princess said...

What a cutie! My puppy loves the hose too. He'll let his whole head get soaked just to get a bit of that water. And then he chases it around the garden as I'm watering. Aren't doggies fun??