Tuesday, November 08, 2005

A Quilt, Finally

This is a recent project. I started this quilt in August, when my mom was visiting. She helped me pick out the fabric and even gave me the idea to use the Log Cabin pattern. Thanks, Mom!

It's made primarily with batiks and is backed with cozy flannel for comfort. I used every bit of the lava-looking dark orange batik (the last round on the "light" side of the block) that I had; I wish I had more of that one!

We made this quilt for my cousin who had cancer surgery this summer. I named this comfort quilt, "Pele's Path" because the colors made me think of lava and in the hopes that rebirth and renewal in the spirit of Pele would comfort her during this rough time.

She's doing better now and even visited Maui this past week with her daughter and granddaughter. It was good to see them after almost 20 years! Since we live so far away and don't travel to the mainland often, it's difficult to see each other as often as we'd like.

Aloha and get well soon, M!

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Scrapmaker said...

Lovely quilt Dianna. Blessings and get well wishes to your friend. Jen