Thursday, November 03, 2005

All Systems GO!

Warning: Those with weak stomachs or who are sensitive may want to skip this post!

This picture is far from the peaceful time we had with Cody last night (that's the kitty's basket, by the way). Something's got his digestive system in an uproar and he had several accidents of the #2 kind. We couldn't let him out of our site for a minute.

Bruce had stepped in some the day before out in the yard, barefoot. I thought it was funny at the time. Funny, that is, until I stepped in some (barefoot) on the livingroom rug last night. After we got that cleaned up, we were sitting on the bedroom floor and playing with him and I still smelled something. Then I felt it seep through the seat of my jeans - UGH!! Bruce said it was my Karma payback for laughing at him the day before.

So, jeans in the washer, rug cleaned and me showered, we spent the night up off and on taking him out to go. All three of us are pooped (literally and figuratively!) today.

He's on a very gentle, low residue diet - hopefully he will feel better soon (like today!) and we can all get a good night's sleep tonight.


PaMdora said...

Oh my, he's a doll!

Jeri said...

He's so cute! Just a tip from my experience, don't give him too many treats and/or pig-ears or rawhides. I have a dog with a very delicate digestive system - he's ok as long as he eats only dog food.

your Cody is so precious...I wish you many wonderful years of friendship with him!