Monday, July 10, 2006

Janome Article and the Beauty of Blogs

A short time ago I received an email from Brian Boys who writes PR articles for Janome. Turns out Brian did a search on Janome 1600's and my blog popped up at the top of the list! He read my post in which I raved about my new machine and asked if he could interview me for an article.

Well, the article is out on the Janome website. You can see it HERE. Short, but sweet!

BTW, article or no article, I think I'm a Janome convert for GOOD!


Deb H said...

I've run acrossed a lot of different machines in my teaching freemotion classes, & the Janomes are nice machines. There are others that make it more difficult to do FM, but the Janomes have never given me any trouble.

Elle said...

Me too! I LOVE my Janome!!