Wednesday, July 05, 2006

New Project

I finally started the agapanthus "lily of the nile" quilt! I'm thankful I didn't make it any larger, or I would have had no place to put it up and work on it! It's sitting on a 6' counter section in the laundry room/studio. I'm coloring in the leaves so I can easily tell the green from the background as I make the pattern pieces. I'm going to be piecing this using Ruth McDowell's technique.

I've enjoyed using my Primacolor pencils, which I've had for a LONG TIME. I've especially enjoyed coloring! In fact, I need to color more often.

Here it is with the "dirt" colored in. "Where are the blossoms," you ask? Well, that's one part of this project that has created huge anxiety for me. But, after some thinking and some good advice from my friend, Joan, I'm going to applique the blossoms so I get a better dimensional effect.

Here's a closeup of the center. I'm going to cut a strip of each of my green fabrics and put them up on my design wall to see if I have enough value difference. I may need to fill in with light/lights and darks. I plan to use mostly bright green commercial tone-one-tone fabrics, but we'll see what happens. Stay tuned!

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PSAADA said...


All I can say is WOW. If you get this done...I KNOW I will be seeing it at Road to CA, PIQF, Paducah, et al. And I thought I was nuts with some of my patterns... Suzanne