Sunday, July 09, 2006

A Good Start

I reorganized my sewing space so I can work more efficiently on my new quilt. This arrangement works out pretty well even if it is a bit claustrophobic. At least I have the sliding glass door to look out of. It would be pretty nuts without some sort of window.

Here are the greens I've chosen:

And the browns for the dirt:

The first few pieces sew together!



Elaine said...


Are you fusing or piecing? It will be stunning. your design is awesome.


Anne Wigfull said...

Dianna, I'm not familiar with the piecing process you mentioned,but it seems to me that you've got your work cut out, it looks very complex. Marvellous design.

Kay said...

zfsjpcThis is so exciting! I've just become a real lover of Ruth McDowell, and am thinking about trying something using her techniques. But I don't know. Talk about a challenge, although actually I think I could handle the piecing better than the drawing part of it. It looks like you're off the a great start. I'll be checking back to see how it is going.