Monday, May 14, 2007

More Honu II Progress

I had a chance to work on Honu II again this weekend. I finished his flipper and fused all of the pieces down. I'm pretty happy with the arrangement.

I'll start the painting tonight. As I've been working on him, I've mentally noted where I'll need to add highlights and shading. Hopefully it won't take more than 1-2 nights to get the painting done, then I can do the threading, which will take a lot longer.


Tonya R said...

Hi Dianna. Thanks for visiting me. Your turtle is gorgeous - very expressive face.

I took a class from Ruth McD - it was amazing to see her quilts in person and the samples of her piecing that I would have sworn were appliqued.

Helen said...

Hi Dianna

I found your blog through your comment on Nellie's blog. I love your quilt Honu II. It is great fun using up left-over pieces of fused fabric. I did a piece at the end of last year which I was going to cut up and make into postcards, but I liked it so much I decided to leave it whole (but it is not layered and quilted yet lol)

Cheers from Helen in New Zealand

swooze said...

It is gorgeous!