Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Fun with Bleach

The Maui Art Quilters group met last night and experimented with bleach discharging. Alyson has been bringing some great discharged pieces for her theme projects and inspired us to want to try it. Here are some of my results:

This piece is done on very cheap black fabric. It was in a bag set for donation, but when I heard we were doing this I yanked it back out. I sprayed pure bleach on a stamp carved by Bev, then stamped the fabric. It's very hard (from what I've been told) to find black fabric that will discharge to white, so I'm hanging on to the rest of this stuff because I'm very happy with the result.

On the second piece I tried writing with Sunlight dishwasher gel in a ketchup bottle. I discovered that if you want to have your words actually look like writing, you need to use a finer point (or something else!). When I laid the fabric over the gel and pressed down, the words smooshed and became even more illegible. I still like the effect, though. If you have a suggestion for discharged writing that works better, please let me know!! This fabric was a good quality, very intense solid black Michael Miller fabric. In my opinion, I think it's the best black on the market for any use. I love the beautiful reddish color as well.

OK, I think this is the Kona black, but I can't remember. I was going to mark each piece (I had five different fabrics) before I started, but didn't. This was damp fabric, crinkled up, and sprayed with bleach. I was hoping for a more swirled effect, but this is what I got.

Lastly, the El-Cheapo fabric again with the Sunlight. I took inspiration from Liz Berg and smeared out a layer of gel on the plastic, then drew lines in it. Hers were more artful, of course, but this is OK for a first try. I actually see people walking in this one. It's a stretch, I know, but I saw an image of Jesus and the Genki Sushi man in one of Kathy's, so I guess I have a very active imagination!

I'm setting these aside for a short while so I can finish up Honu II. I might actually get to start on the threading this weekend!


Nellie Bass Durand said...

What fun! I've had success in writing words with Soft Scrub in a squeeze bottle (one from a home hair coloring kit has a fairly fine tip). I wrote directly onto the fabric.
Lucky you to just happen to have a black that discharges to white. Luck you to discover it.

Anonymous said...

Yummy! Love the effects you're getting. For the finest writing, I've had good results with a small syringe (no needle) with the tip trimmed to a more pointed shape...