Monday, January 16, 2006

Making Waves - Quilt Related

For Christmas this year, I made two of these for gifts. What is it? Well, I figured they could be used for mufflers (I sent one to my Aunt Kathy who lives in northern Indiana), because they have yummy polar fleece on the back (aloha print, no less!), but my mom thought it would make a great table runner too. How smart is that? You can have dinner, then whip it off the table, wrap it around your neck, and race off into the snow! Hee hee!

I pieced them using a technique that my friend, Nancy Meyer, showed me how to do a long time ago and one I use frequently in my quilts. I thought I'd show you here in case you'd like to try it yourself.


Samantha said...

Lovely! I made two scraves like this this year- and they were so much fun I want to try more! Your batiks are great!

Zegi said...

I'm new to your blog and just wanted to say hi. I've been searching for other quilter blogs and finally hit upon yours and several others. I hope to make online friends, learn, and get motivated from reading other quilting blogs. Thanks for the read!