Thursday, January 12, 2006

Drawing Class

A little known fact about me: I LOVE office supplies. I love going to the office supply store for work or for home. Oh, the possibilities! All that paper, those pens, stickers, bins, post-its, colored pencils, inboxes, storage goodies, desks, files, WOW!

Even better than this was yesterday's trip to our teeny, tiny art supply store, the only "real" art supply store on Maui, the Golden Palette. I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the owner carried everything I needed for my upcoming drawing class with Kit Gentry later this month at the Hui. As much as I love my island home, you can almost never find what you need, so this was great! I was especially relieved because I checked several art supply websites and each was out of stock on something I needed, so I wouldn't have been able to place just one order anyway (and shipping here is ALWAYS expensive).

I've been waiting to take this class for two years now...the time/offerings never worked out with my schedule. I've also never taken an "art" class, so I'm really looking forward to it.


Scrapmaker said...

I'm betting you will love it! Have a great time! Jen

Elle said...

I love office supply stores too! I always have to know exactly what I want or I'll get a little crazy in them. All the possibilities...and pens that I don't need.