Thursday, January 26, 2006

Cody Loves the Beach

I love this picture of him! Absolutely Cody-licious!

The harness works great for him at the beach because he doesn't have anything tied around his neck and he can swim easier.

He really swam for the first time last weekend. Bruce was out in the water and he followed him right in. It's fun to see him porpoise his way out, then paddle away!

The water temperature is really warm right now for January. It usually chills off pretty good and we don't do much swimming in the winter, so we're really enjoying it.

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Anonymous said...

WOW, he is absolutely gorgeous. Oh how I wish for the days of one dog sometimes, and as our grass deteriorates more each day from their exuberance, I wish we had them kenneled! But oh well.
Sorry about lunch today - guess we should have acted on Shel's suggestion earlier this week that we change the day. Actually just now I am remembering you said that you would be there on the 23rd - darn! You should have reminded us. Hopefully next Thur, but if u can't maybe we can work it out for a different day.
Talk to you soon. Janey
p.s. now we have bananas-want some?