Thursday, January 26, 2006

Black and Whites

These are some of the black and whites I have - I'm looking for more of the same. Very subtle black-on-white prints, so you see more of the white/lighter value.


Pat's Place said...

Hi, Dianna -
I have one print that might work for you - it's white with feathers (black line drawings) dancing across the surface. Are you interested? Want me to scan it into the computer for you to check it out?

Samantha said...

Hmm I'll look and see what i can find!

Carol Dean said...

So I just went through my stash of about 40 b/w prints, positive that I would find something for you. How disconcerting to then discover that every single one has strong black print, even on those fabrics on which the black is actually rather sparse. I'm sorry I can't help, but I'm glad I've found a gap in my own stash that I need to work on. Good luck.