Monday, June 04, 2007

Step by Step

A mentor I worked with a while back said, “You just aren’t happy until you can tie a big red bow around it.” Meaning, the perfectionist in me wants everything to be just right when something is finished. No hanging threads, so to speak.

Today is a crazy day. My first day back to work after a four-day weekend, three days of which were spent in the company of the lovely Lura Schwarz Smith and her “Designing Art Quilts” workshop (more on that later). Back to work despite our guild meeting being tomorrow night, so I am straddling the two worlds (work and quilt) quite precariously.

I am now looking at my planner and considering a change. I’ve been a Franklin Covey user for a long, long time. I use the software version (PlanPlus for Outlook) on my laptop for work, but can’t seem to break away from the paper version for personal use. There is something to be said for the tactileness of paper and pen (I use a purple one). But as I look at this week’s two-page spread, it looks crowded with tasks and ugly. I have scribbled my things TO DO in each small daily square and filled them to overflowing. The purple pen that I usually love looks garish.

I still have that nagging feeling that I’m forgetting something.

The A-Z order is missing from these random to-dos. I think I will rewrite them on another page so I can look at them clearly and feel better.

Then I can check off each task with its big red bow.

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Allison Ann Aller said...

I'm looking forward to your description of Lura's workshop!