Tuesday, June 26, 2007


There is a neat discussion going on the QuiltArt list about scissors. Apparently, one of the list members had a professional organizer come to her house and actually told her to get rid of some of hers! Why you'd let a professional organizer into your studio, I have no idea. I'd think that area would be specifically off-limits.

However, it got me thinking about how many pairs of scissors I have, and here's my list:

  • Herb snips/strippers - for their intended purpose only
  • Wustoff all-purpose shears (cutting chicken and other kitchen stuff)
  • Crappy old fiskars shears for anything I won't cut with the Wustoffs
  • My old 5" gingher scissors that my husband appropriated for mustache trimming
Laundry Room
  • One pair cheap shears for cutting loose threads, etc.
  • One other cheap pair for gift wrap and tape
  • Classic Gingher shears for all the "big stuff" (my very first pair of "quilting" scissors, BTW)
  • Gingher 5" "craft scissors" I bought for Hawaiian quilting, because you can cut through 8 layers of fabric with some precision
  • Gingher 4" embroidery scissors for my hand sewing kit
  • Gingher 4" curved tip embroidery scissors for machine embroidery/sewing
  • Fiskars soft-touch Micro-tip clippers (a gift, and my new favorites)
  • Olfa 60mm ergo cutter
  • Olfa 45mm ergo cutter
  • Olfa 45mm standard cutter (my first one!)
  • Olfa 28mm standard cutter (a gift when I first started quilting)
  • Olfa 18mm standard cutter (purchased for workshop and LOVE IT for small, detailed trimming)
  • Old fiskars shears for cutting parchment and freezer paper, patterns, etc.
So I guess that brings me to a total of 17! There are very few I would part with since each one I only use for a particular purpose. If one pair did it all, I wouldn't need so many.

And isn't it interesting...I don't know about you, but buying GOOD scissors seems like a special event to me. Funny how I can drop $30 on fabric without blinking an eye, but hesitate at a pair of $30 shears.

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