Sunday, January 21, 2007

New Direction

I put away the shed and jacaranda tree quilt for now. I worked and worked, but I wasn't happy with its progress, so I took Bruce's good advice and put it away. Too much of what I was doing was forced. Where is that deep inspiration that spurs me to work on a project night and day until it is done?

One of the things I think is holding me back is the specter of the agapanthus quilt. I haven't worked on it since October, yet the fabrics are still piled up on my work surface. I would have finished it for the Viewpoints show, but I want it for major quilt shows, so I am waffling. I need to get back to work on that quilt!

So, here is attempt #2 - Bamboo Forest, Hana:

I'm auditioning the blues at the bottom for a possible stream/waterfall. I don't yet know how I want to interpret some leaves. I may stamp them in some way. I think I'm happy with the progress. I plan to work on it more tomorrow night.


Teri said...

Hi Diana,
I don't really set time to be in the studio. I come down in the evening after work. Or during the day on weekends. I have been pretty unmotivated lately. I have a journal that I write about progress on whatever I am working on. the last time I actually sewed something was in September. I have planned a quilt. I am ready to start. I have all of my fabric for the project pulled. I have to dye some yellows for it. But that is were the planning stops. I know the direction I am going, but I will make each block as I go. The major uniqueness of this project will be the color placement, and that can only be loosely planned. I have to follow schedules all of the time in my job. My creative time comes when it comes. You could schedule time in the studio I think. But if you are not in a creative mood, it won't work.

Sande said...

The concept for your bamboo forest is wonderful. I loved being able to click on the photo and see more details and those gorgeous watery, glowing fabrics for the trees and sky. Don't forget us when it's finished!!
Your work is always inspirational.

Nellie Bass Durand said...

WOW!!! It's wonderful ... especially the spot of sunshine ... but then I like the shadowy area as well. Can't wait to see where you take this.