Saturday, January 20, 2007

New Inspiration

This is the starting point for a new piece featuring Upcountry Maui. I am "building" this shed in a more scenic location with a jacaranda tree.

Here is the beginning of the design:

I prefer to work in rich, earthy colors, so these are the fabrics I've chosen for the project:

And this is what I've come up with so far:

You can see the photo of the jacaranda tree I've used for inspiration on the right.

I'm not sure I'm at all happy with the start of this project. I was envisioning something a little more sophisticated. I may scrap the landscape and start over.

Maybe I'll start with the tree and go from there, since the tree and the shed are the focus. I can always add the background and landscape later, in my usual fashion. Backgrounds, though never an afterthought, always seem to come to me at the end.

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Beverly said...

The picture of the shed and jacaranda tree look like a wonderful inspiratinon to me- I hope you find a way to work it through!

I don't know why, but regardless of the browser I use, I can't see your new header. q