Friday, January 12, 2007

Can I Just Have a Regular Phone, Please?

Yesterday morning my cell phone lost a battle with orange juice.


You see, it was like this: Bruce poured himself a glass of orange juice (that in itself is unusual, but that's another story) and stood at the kitchen bar looking for the remote control to the TV. He moved a pile of stuff (which probably, in hindsight, should have been put away - and it was actually mine) on top of which rested my cell phone. Well, said cell phone slipped off the top of the pile and made a 10 point dive right into his juice. How's that for accuracy?

I love electronic gadgets, but I like my phone simple. I do not take pictures (I have a camera for that), I do not send email or surf the web (I have a computer for that), I don't send text messages (never got into that), and I don't listen to music with it (that's what iPods are for). Can you get a basic phone?

I compromised with a new Motorola Razr. Pretty and sleek, yet functional. It does take pictures and can play music, but I'll probably never use those features. It even has a pleasant, jazzy ring tone. And it's wider than my Nextel, so it can't slip into a glass of juice!

I could have ported over my old cell number, but since there are still a LOT of annoying people who are calling the person who used to have my number (hello, it's been TWO YEARS already!) I decided on a new one. So, dear friends and family, I'll be in touch soon with the new number.

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Allison said...

Well, my sister's cellphone slipped out of her back pocket and into the death by orange juice isn't quite so bad!