Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Holiday Madness

And I mean mad. But, those who know me would be very proud of the fact that I kept my cool in spite of myself. Here I was, minding my own business, sitting in my car on a quiet Wailuku side street, getting ready to eat my slice of pizza and read a little of my library book on my lunch hour.

Then, from the front of my car arose such a clatter!

Turns out a guy in a 4WD Toyota Tacoma, who was turning right at the stop sign ahead (mind you, I am parked neatly at the curb an entire FOUR spaces away from said stop sign) ran over my front fender!

Thankfully he stopped, but only reluctantly gave me his insurance information. Apparently, according to his girlfriend she didn't like the tone I used as I was speaking to them. I was actually quite calm and cool about it since there didn't appear to be any serious damage that Bruce wouldn't be able to fix. But what kind of tone are you supposed to use when someone crashes into you as you are quietly eating your lunch? She just didn't want to let me see the insurance card, which I insisted upon and carefully wrote down in my date book - she was just mad because I wouldn't let her write it in MY BOOK herself. When I asked her for her phone number again SHE wanted to write it down. I told her that I wasn't illiterate and could do it myself. Really, that was my only snarky comment the entire time! I also refrained from calling them idiots for being, well, IDIOTS!

I'll take my car home and have Bruce take a look. I'm sure the tire treads will come off with a little rubbing compound.

Alls well that ends well. But seriously, be careful out there!


Deb Geyer said...

I'm glad you didn't get hurt!

Anonymous said...

And on the day you are leaving...and I, like an idiot, kept busy by shopping, baking, more errands, standing in line, waiting in traffic, etc. etc., you know the routine...and I forgot to call you and wish you a good time on your trip. So hopefully you will read this during your journey and know that you are in my thoughts wishing you a wonderful time with your family for your moms b-day and for the holidays. Look 4wrd to seeing u when u get back. Love Janey

Shelina said...

It is amazing that people do something wrong, and get angry at the other person because they feel bad about what they did. People just don't l ike taking responsibility anymore. I've had two cars totalled this century by hit and run drivers.