Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hawaii Quilting Bloggers, Where Are You?

A thought crossed my mind today as I was skimming some blogs. Where are all the Hawaii quilting bloggers? I have a hard time believing that only Robin (Quilt Antics) and I are the only ones!

So, if you have a quilt-related blog and live in Hawaii (or know of someone who does) let me know and I'll link you on mine. If we get enough, maybe we can create our own ring. And if you don't have one, START ONE! They are free and easy. And FUN!


Brenda said...

Great looking blog banner!

Shelina said...

I'm in Ohio, and you're right, I haven't seen many blogs from quilters in Hawaii. Did see one from Alaska though. I'm in Ohio, and there are lots of quilters here, although technically I've only seen a couple of Ohio quilter blogs.

Teresa said...

Is Guam close enough?