Monday, November 20, 2006

Too Much To Do

Last weekend went by in a flash. We managed to get some housework and other chores done which was a relief considering nothing was done when we had company last week.

On Saturday we got down to the beach for three hours and it was heavenly. Cody loves his beach time, and so do we. Last year for Christmas we got two brand new beach chairs from Costco (thanks Dad and Karen!), and we more recently purchased beach umbrellas - now we can spend as long as we like even if we can't find a tree for shade. We never thought we'd be beach umbrella types, but since I've had two skin cancers removed we try to spend most of our time in the shade (slathered in sunscreen, of course!).

Bruce and I cooked a pre-Thanksgiving turkey on Sunday. I thought I'd get all kinds of things done while it was in the oven roasting, but we used a Cooks Illustrated recipe that requires you to turn the bird during cooking. So, between the clean up, prep for the gravy and turning the bird, it was a constant three-hour extravaganza. Definitely worth it, though, because the bird was gorgeous and the gravy was heavenly. FYI - cooking turkey is a scary deal these days, so to avoid those nasty food-borne illnesses cook your turkey unstuffed and buy yourself a good-quality (meaning it will probably cost between $15 and $20) instant-read thermometer so you know your poultry is at the correct temperature (165 for the breast, 175 for the thigh/leg).

Tonight I have to sit down and make a very serious to-do list for all the things that need to get done between now and Christmas, since, TA DA, we are going to the mainland for Christmas this year! This is the first year in the 15 years we've been in Hawaii that we will be celebrating the holidays on the mainland, and we are very excited.

The days are going to fly by before we know it!

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