Monday, September 11, 2006

Philosophy 101

Bruce and I took Cody up to the "forest" on Sunday for a nice afternoon walk. It was the perfect place to cool off after a hot and humid day.

While we were walking we were talking about this and that and various things we've seen or heard that completely amaze or perplex us. After one particular subject he said, "Sometimes you just have to look at something and say, 'that's really f***ed up!' and go on to the next thing."

It struck me as funny and quite smart, actually. Why dwell on the bad stuff? Just say that and move on to the next.

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Diane Perin said...

It *is* a rather wise comment, actually. Sums up my unspoken view of the presidential administration these days, actually. I thought of you today when I put on my Hawaiian music (various things that just appeal to me downloaded from Itunes) while I quilted.