Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Much Labor on Labor Day

Last week, Bruce helped some friends pack their container for a move to the Big Island and he came home with a very cool present for me:

I had been asking him to build me a new table for my sewing machine because the folding table I was using vibrated every time I sewed fast (which I do most of the time). And, I wanted a table that I could drop my machine into. We did quite a dance getting this monster into the laundry room. If it was one inch bigger, it would have become a potting table in the yard. After a quick trip to Lowe's for a countertop, Bruce got to work:

One day when my mother-in-law was telling a friend about a project Bruce was doing for her, her friend said, "Everyone needs a Bruce." That's a fact! What would I do without him?

Presto! New sewing table! It still needs to be trimmed out and painted, but it is quite functional.

We had a party to go to on Sunday night, so I had to leave it ready and waiting. On Monday, Bruce worked, so I holed myself up in here and got busy. Thanks, Honey! You da best!


Anonymous said...

LOOKS GREAT!! I know you are going to enjoy it, too.


quiltpixie said...

enjoy the lack of "shimmie dance"

quiltedmango said...

Awesome! My husband says there is no one as good at making cuts as Bruce! I remember him up on the rafters when he helped build our house. His beautiful blonde hair blowing in the wind. I am so glad we are still such good friends. love, joan

Rosy said...


Helen Suzanne said...

what a fantastic idea... a hole in the work top, beats any table extensions I've seen so far :)