Monday, May 29, 2006

Bits and Pieces

Last February, Esterita Austin came to Maui for a three-day workshop using her fabulous Misty fuse. As you make your project you end up with little bits of fabric with fuse on the back:

I am not one for saving teeny-tiny scraps, but I saved these bits and ended up with a whole shoebox full. I figured they would be good for something. Turns out I was right! These little bits are the great beginnings of various postcards. Here are a couple I started this weekend:

This one is my favorite:

They didn't take long at all.


Sande said...

On the postcards of teeny scraps: your favorite is my favorite too, but they are all very nice and look like fun to do. And the flower quilt you've started is also coming along will be fun to watch the progress.
On Esterita Austin: can you answer a question that's been puzzling you know why would one choose the Misty fuse black over regular white? What would be the advantage?

Pat said...

I love your postcards and thanks for sharing the tiny bits idea. It has been a challenge for me to work in the 4x6 space and I think starting with the tiny bits might help me to "scale" down.....I'll visit again to look at your work.