Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Cody Comes Home

This is our darling new boy, Cody. He is a yellow Labrador, eight weeks old. We are thrilled to have another dog in the house!

The first night was a little bumpy, but he's a very good puppy. We are crate training him and he's doing great so far.

Our last dog, Maile, who passed away in April, was an Akita. We've had two Akita's and this is our first Lab. He's quite a different dog...I think he's "tasted" everything he can get his mouth on. In fact, I think he's chewed more in the first 24 hours than Maile did in her whole life! Well, we will have lots of toys for him and give him plenty of attention.

Ginger, our newest kitty, wants to play but doesn't quite know what to make of Cody. She spent most of the afternoon in the avocado tree.
They've come nose to nose a couple of times, but Ginger spits and runs away if Cody moves. I'm sure they'll become fast friends soon - Cody was socialized with the family cats at the breeder, so he just has to wait for her to lighten up!

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Elle said...

Cody is a sweetie!!!