Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Hana Bamboo

Well, it's finished! Or at least ready to be finished. Bruce and I shopped for frames on Saturday, but none of them looked quite right. I couldn't find the shadowbox style, and the regular frames made it looked like I was trying to turn the quilt into something it was not. And they were expensive!

Since I wanted something dark, I decided to add a black border. It's a black-on-black swirl print, so it has some character. Flat black looked just that -- flat. I'm binding it in a black fabric with a tiny sparkle print that enhances the Lumiere stamping.

I find myself referencing this book quite a bit! Borders, Bindings and Edges by Sally Collins is a book that no quilting library should be without, whether you are a traditional or contemporary quilter. Getting things square, adding mitered borders, ending your binding so it's continuous, all helpful topics with great instructions. I just found out when I got the Amazon.com link for this book that she has a new book out (November 2006), called Mastering Precision Piecing. I've just added that one to my wish list. I've been waiting for her to do such a book, since her previous titles were focused on miniatures.

I added the smaller leaves (carved two more stamps!) to the background using a bright blue Lumiere mixed with black, so it has a more "midnight" look. I think I achieved what I set out to do.

It goes to the gallery along with Honu tomorrow for the show, which opens this weekend at Viewpoints Gallery in Makawao.

Will I ever get away from this 11th hour finishing? Probably not.

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Sande said...

Adding in the blue leaves really enhances the quilt. Great idea and choice of colors! Hope you have a great show with it and Honu.