Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Cody's Girlfriend

This is Cody's girlfriend, Trouble. That's really her name, poor dog! Bruce and I think she is a German Shorthair/Boxer mix - she has boundless energy! Here they are taking a rest from their busy day. We are dog-sitting her for a couple of weeks while her master is on the mainland.

Surprisingly, having two dogs is not much more work than one (no wonder people have more than one kid!). They wear each other out and are fairly well-behaved. She needs a little more obedience training (she's a puller), but so far she's learned to sit better and waits for food like Cody does.

I hope Cody will do OK when she goes home. They play almost every day when her master is home, so maybe he will enjoy the peace and quiet of not having her around all day.

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Sande said...

They looks so cute together! Bet it's fun watching them play together.