Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Poli Poli Afternoon

I had to drive up to Kula Lodge to pick up a donation from Curtis Wilson Cost for our upcoming Boys & Girls Club golf tournament. What a nice task!

I stopped at home and picked up Bruce and Cody, and after the task was done we decided to drive to Poli Poli State Park to let Cody have a little run.

The clouds were moving in and it was misty and cool - just like I imagine fall to be in certain places right now. Quite a difference from the 88 degree heat and humidty that keeps hanging on.

Of course, I was dressed for work and had totally inappropriate shoes on for hiking (Dansko slippers with 2 inch heels - see left), but happily trudged through the tall grass to get some pictures of our happy dog.

Cody flushed a ringneck pheasant (wish I had gotten that shot, but alas no), then ran around like the crazy happy dog he is.

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Anonymous said...

Your puppy is so beautiful. I enjoy your blog!