Sunday, October 08, 2006

Reducing and Reorganizing the Stash

I finally found a store on Maui that carries the IRIS wide chests in black!

I have my fabric stored in these drawers (have for years) and I really like them. My stash was starting to outgrow the two drawer sets I had, so I wanted another set of 5. See how crammed it was? Every drawer was full to the brim.

Well, I think I've waited about 3 years, but now I have them. I spent the weekend sorting, purging and rearranging my fabric.

As I was doing this, Bruce said, "Now don't look at every single piece of fabric...just get it put away?" He smiled as he said this, of course, because he knew that was exactly what I intended to do!

I merged all of my batiks back into the regular population because I find myself using a mixture of all fabrics when I do my work and it's nice to know what colors I have or don't have. I have tons of green, but very little hot pink/fuschia. Purple and magenta share a drawer. Lots of brown, but less blue. Each drawer has its own color, and in the case of green three drawers. Here's a glance of how they look now, still full but not crammed and nice and NEAT!

And in this last picture you can see the bags of fabric I have sorted for my friends sitting on the top. The only thing I have to do now is sort the three green drawers by value and I'll be done.


quiltpixie said...

love the drawers! Looks like everything is FQ's, and they all fit togetehr so well.....

Beate said...

it looks great :-)

Rosy said...

You raised the "bar" on organizing the "stash"!

catsmum said...

My balis are mainly still a seperate drawer ... one day I'll show you a photo of my stash but not today. Having finished a couple of biggies in the last couple of weeks , it looks like a bomb went off in there.
Congratulations on Honu's big win... I'm not at all surprised because he is so gorgeous.
hugz from an aussie who wishes she was back in Hawaii

Anonymous said...

Hi! Loved the blog! I found you while surfing through some of the blogs on our quilting forum. I'm here in Korea with my hubby (Air Force) a dog (jack russel/sheba inu cross) a cat and three kiddos. WHEW! Try getting all of them to Korea in one piece! Your quilts are just gorgeous and I enjoyed reading all about life in Hawaii while I had my morning coffee. Thanks for letting me peek into your life,

Sarah said...

Wow! I wish I could myself to be this organized! Looks great - pardon my drool. :)