Thursday, October 05, 2006

Show Deadlines

I'm standing at the ironing board this morning ironing a shirt to wear to work. My mind is wandering. I look up at my bulletin board and see the PIQF entry information and think, "Hmm, sure would be nice to go to PIQF since it's on my birthday. Oh well, maybe next year." Then, I think, "Wow, I can't believe my birthday is next week already."


I look at the entry form and it says, "quilts should arrive between Thursday, October 5, and no later than Monday, October 9."

Good thing the quilt is ready to go. I rush to get my pillowcase, plastic bag and, wait, I don't have a box! Get dressed, leave for work and stop at Mailboxes Etc. to get a box. Said box costs $5.35 - hand Christine my credit card and she says, "Sorry, no charges under $10." YIKES! I show her I don't have any checks in my wallet and only $2 decrepit ones. She very nicely allows me to charge. Zip over to FedEx. Three choices: tomorrow am, tomorrow pm or Monday. Monday is $23.00 - half as much as tomorrow. I choose Monday even though I internally balk at having it get there on the last possible day.

Phew, just made it. I must have had my head in the clouds this week. What was I thinking? I obviously wasn't.

Better make sure the coffee quilt gets in the mail tomorrow.


Shelina said...

Sounds like you are getting it there just in time! Good thing you remembered.

quiltpixie said...

At least you realized in time...

Anonymous said...

Whew... THAT was close. I have a German friend's quilt that I mailed Friday.. I worry about mailing too early to. Last year when I mailed my quilt, I ended up paying something like $45,00 to mail it because I waited until too late. I have to mail a quilt next week for an eastern show. I was going to enter my older New York Beauty quilt, but it got damaged in an outdoor quilt show and my attempts to fix it damaged it further. I had to withdraw that quilt, but I am still sending my Skeleton quilt.
I hope you do well at PIQF, it is a great quilt!

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! I do love that area of Indiana, don't know what it is about it, but just going there relaxes me (I'm sure all the quilts and fabric stores have something to do with it, ha!). Then again, exploring Maui has to be a lot of fun, too!

Rosy said...

Good luck at PIQS! Whew! Thanks to Fed Ex!