Sunday, March 26, 2006

White Dogs Can't Jump

Cody rides in the back of the truck now, inside his crate. He's just gotten too unruly for the front of the truck - he won't stay in the back seat like he's supposed to because he wants to sit in MY lap. And since he's pushing 80 lbs that's way too much dog to wrestle in the front seat!

He hasn't learned how to jump out of the back of the truck yet, but I hope he learns soon, since he's too big to lift in and out. It's been a lot of work, as you can see. He won't even jump for cookies!

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Anonymous said...

I have seen this dog, and even lived with him in June for a week. He was 99 pounds at that time! He IS adorable and great around the kids, no matter how old. I even saw him on a boogie board!

Aunt Kathy