Friday, March 10, 2006

One Reason to Take Up Knitting

I found this picture on Tommy's blog. Although I don't care for the colors, I love the style - yummy! Now, if I only knew how to knit.

Just like any self-respecting fiber artist, I would probably swoon in some of the mainland yarn shops - who wouldn't, surrounded by all that color and softness begging to be touched??

But I need another hobby like I need a hole in the head. I barely have enough time to make the quilts I want to make.

The sad thing is, I could actually wear this sweater here in Hawaii. Sigh.

1 comment:

Tommy said...

You will be happy to know that I too, do not like the colors and chose my own, whether they are pleasing to the public our not.

I wish you had been my inspiration 30 years ago when I took up knitting and said ' I need another thing TO DO, like I need a hole in my head!!!!' Hopefully, I would have listened to you!!