Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Turtle Update

I haven't done too much to the turtle since the workshop with Esterita Austin. Right now I'm trying to get the last few scales on his flipper finished. I did add a little painting to bring out the contrasts in his shell.

Next will be to finish the background off with some dark colored tulle (thanks, Joan!), then start the threading.

Hopefully I can make some more progress this weekend!


minou said...

Your Turtle quilt is beautiful!

I am a landscape quilter from HI who now lives in UT...presently working on a block depicting the food drops by the American's over Amsterdam in 1945 for a Museum in Wisconsin. I have toyed with the idea to use some painting to show depth between the Plane, the fields and the falling food.

Thanks for sharing your talent! And your Cody is pretty cute too...I've got a golden retriever/hound who is around 60 lbs. but her half brother is a hound/german sheperd at about 110lbs...he looks big and scary, but is really a big baby!

Aloha, Minou
quilting beach bum

Marlene said...

WOW!!! Your turtle is awesome!

Elle said...

That turtle's going to be great!!

Scrapmaker said...

That's a beautiful turtle quilt, and I do think the painting adds depth.
Thanks for sharing some of your beautiful scenery. That Cody is pretty cute. Jen