Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The Cardinal Rule of Data Backup

Back up your data, then, back it up AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN! And DO IT OFTEN!

I am so frustrated I could cry. To make a long story short, my quickbooks data file at work got corrupted, so I restored the back up. Unfortunately, I had not backed up far enough! For those of you out of the know, I have been in massive "clean up" mode of our financials because of some (OK, A LOT) of errors and issues from the time before me. We went through 4 bookkeepers in 6 months who all had their own systems and none of whom could make any sense of the original bookkeeper's (who was here for years) system. Needless to say, it has been a lot (months) of work, that I have been attempting to recreate for the last 3 weeks.

That said, I now back up every 2-3 days or more often if I've been doing a lot of work. So, GO BACK UP YOUR DATA RIGHT NOW!

You won't be sorry. And to think I knew better! Sigh.


Allison said...

Very sorry about your computer problems...but just get to live on Maui!!!

Sande said...

Just a totally unrelated note to say thank you for posting info about Esterita Austin. I followed your link and was absolutely stunned by her work...beautiful!
And, by the way, hope you get all caught up on your computer woes. I've done the no back-up thing myself and regretted it. Sometimes we learn the hard way, but we do learn!

Sande said...

And, I just looked at her website that you by your Honu turtle? Fun to see all the workshop pictures.