Friday, February 10, 2006

Today's Coffee Order

Venti nonfat no-foam vanilla latte from Starbucks.

So there.

I am tired and cranky today despite a good night's sleep, so coffee was definitely on the menu this morning. I do have to say, the team at the Starbucks at Maui Marketplace is exceptional. They obviously enjoy working together, are always cheerful and absolutely exude good customer service. I am going to make a point today to contact the store manager and let them know they are doing an outstanding job.

Have you told someone they are doing a good (or great) job lately? Imagine all the complaints companies get and how special a compliment would be.

Just thinking about it makes me feel less cranky.

I'm sure better things are in store for the weekend!


Anonymous said...

On the 20/20 show last night John Stosall(sp?) was talking about bad manners. I always try to thank a person who holds the door for me or gives me especially good service with real gusto, as opposed to someone who doesn't, then it's still a thank you, but with much less feeling. But a thank you all the same, perhaps I'm hoping the thank you will make them realize they should be more polite.

Nikki said...

Oh man, I really wanted a white mocha today but I resisted the Starbucks drivethru.

Yesterday I thanked a young lady who refereed my nephew's (age 12 AAU) basketball game. The parents are so ugly to the refs at that level so I told her I really appreciated her coming out and taking the abuse so these kids could play.

I figure compliments and thank yous cost me nothing but they might really be of value to the person receiving them.