Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Coffee Quilt Home Stretch

It's a good thing that the deadline was extended for the Coffee Quilt Contest. I had forgotten how much time it takes to machine quilt a quilt on my Bernina. As much as I love my Bernina, I truly miss my old Gammill. The good news is, I may have another longarm before the year is out!

So, after three days of machine quilting this holiday weekend on the good old 160, I am pooped and my poor machine is pretty irritated. Things went smoothly until I made it stitch through the layers of fabric, Wonder Under, batting and decorative thread, and it began to balk. I changed feet, changed needles, even changed bobbin cases, but still had thread breakage and other ISSUES that were driving me crazy.

Then, of course, I ran out of thread and couldn't buy it locally (on Maui, decorative threads are virtually non-exisitent!). Thankfully, my dear friend Joan came to the rescue. She is the Queen of Thread. I ordered my back up from Web of Thread (www.webofthread.com) and will replace her spool with a full one when it arrives. There is a handful of leaves to finish quilting, but the binding, sleeve and label are on, so it's nearly done!

One of the most interesting things about this project is that it doesn't look anything like my original design. This quilt took on a life of its own and morphed into something completely different. There isn't even a suitable place to sew on the fun little glass coffee bean beads I managed to find, but that's OK.

I'm sure they'll find their way into another quilt later on.

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Lauren Fureymoore said...

I have some of those same coffee bead beads! I'm going to use them on a caffeine art quilt that I'm planning.
Love the colors in your coffee quilt. I always heavily embellish anything I do so I probably would have put the beads swirling around in the border. I love the way the tree extends outside the original border.
Great job! Beautiful art!
~Lauren from the QA List