Monday, June 27, 2005

In the Trenches, Literally

How is this quilt related, you might ask? Well, you're looking at the open area for our new room addition, part of which will be my studio. Bruce and I live in a small studio in his mom, Barbara's, house. This will give us both some stretching space, and I will have my own working space. When I closed my store in 2001, I lost my lovely 1,000 sf classroom/studio. Since then I've been working where I can, mostly on folding tables, requiring me to "clean up" often.

The "trenches" title of this post refers to the 50ft long trench you see in the left of the picture. Bruce dug most of the 2ft deep trench himself for a new drain line and sprinkler system, but I helped finish the last 20% or so and filled it all back in. When you are doing building projects on a tight budget, you do as much of the work yourself as you can. Thank heaven my darling husband, who is a carpenter, knows how to do it all.

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