Thursday, January 22, 2009

Top Chef - How Could You Send Rahdika Home?

Top Chef was a little bit of a disappointment last night. The content was great, as usual, but I do not know what compelled the judges to send Rahdika home over Carla last night!

I understand that she didn't perform well in the front of the house, nor as a general manager, but I think she was completely overwhelmed by the whole thing. She is a chef, first and foremost, who may be content to remain an executive chef in someone elses organization. Carla, on the otherhand, is just not cutting it as a whole and is becoming more belligerent about it!

I don't think either one of them has what it takes to make it to the final, but to send home a talented chef who has a unique take on food over one who continues to blunder is beyond me.

Unfortunately, I think Stefan is the one who is going to come out on top, but Jamie could take it if she gets down to business and kicks some but.

Go, Jamie!


Barbara Strobel Lardon said...

ooooh a fan of Top Chef! I agree with you on all accounts. Love the show too.

quilting forum said...
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