Monday, February 04, 2008

Viewpoints Gallery Opening

The Celebration of Hawaii show opened on Sunday, January 17. I managed to get this shot of Honu III before things got too crowded. There were a lot of people there!

This is third year for the show and it keeps getting better and better. One interesting thing I noticed this year is that there were many more large scale pieces than in previous years. I don't know if that's necessarily true or just the way the show was hung, but that's how it appeared to me.

Honu III is swimming away at the close of the show - he sold on January 31! Turns out that January 2008 was the most profitable month for the gallery on record. With all of the beautiful art, it's hardly surprising. There were several pieces I wished I could have taken home, including this lovely pastel from Kit Gentry. The photo does not do it is framed by a mat of lovely green raw silk that changes from gold or green depending on the angle.

The opening featured Hawaiian prayer, chant, and dance. Here is a shot of the crowd from outside the gallery. The day started out raining like crazy, but it cleared at the last minute and everyone had a wonderful time.

We ended the evening with a sunset dinner at Kula Lodge. Nice!

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Nellie's Needles said...

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS! It looks like a wonderful gallery, a grand exhibitions, and a marvelous day.