Thursday, April 12, 2007

Bulletin Boards

Karen at Studio Notes blog recently posted a picture of her bulletin board after reading the post of another art quilt blogger. I think it's fun to see what other people find inspiring enough to keep in front of them 24/7. My bulletin board changes periodically (probably my Libra nature). Right now it has my show ribbons, cards that I find inspiring, various gifts and small works of art from friends, photos to mull over for new projects, etc. I also have my supply list for Carol Taylor's class at Art Quilt Tahoe in November. Keep it going, now: What's on yours?


Nellie Bass Durand said...

Your board is so neat. I love that happy, joyful naked lady. I'm pleased to see two pieces from me hanging up there.

I finally posted about your wonderful postcard sent to me for the Art Share Meme. I'm happy to have your creative energy present in my studio.

janey said...

wow will you look at those ribbons. I'm websurfing tonight and am busy reading your archives. You make some wonderful quilts.