Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Very Funny (At Least to Me)

You Are a Cadbury Creme Egg

You're the type that stole little brother's easter basket so that you could have MORE CANDY!

My mom and my brother will mostly get this joke. You see, one of my all-time favorite commercials is the Cadbury Egg commercial with the real bunny making the bock-bock-bock chicken sounds. I don't think they run them any more; I haven't seen one in a long time. It always made me crack up laughing!

I love Easter candy: jelly beans (especially the black ones!), robin's eggs (the chocolate covered malted ones), and marshmallow Peeps. I'll trade the chocolate bunny for any of the above. My MIL always buys me Peeps because she knows they are my favorite - I luck out because nobody else will eat them! And even though I'm on a diet right now, I did indulge in two Peeps and a slice of a See's Candy Bordeaux Easter egg (my favorite kind of chocolate).

Hope your Easter was a hoppy one. Ha!

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