Monday, March 05, 2007

Another Little-Known Fact

Yes, I did get back in the studio this weekend! I finished my Kaffe Fassett "Turning 20" quilt - it's really striking and has become Bruce's new favorite quilt. The quilting on it is nothing to write home about, but it's for our use and enjoyment, so there. Better a quilt on the bed than one in the UFO pile!

I also have the Lily of the Nile quilt back on the design wall. In two hours I managed to complete another small (less than 1ft square) section. I'm glad to be working on it after such a long hiatus. I am committed to finishing it before I start something else.

Sorry there aren't any pictures, but my laptop battery ran out and my plug was at work. I'll post those later. Now, for that little known fact:

Bruce was channel surfing yesterday afternoon and asked me if I had ever seen the Lawrence Welk Show. He, of course, was joking, but little did he know...when I was little I used to watch that show when I spent the night at my grandma's house. Then I startled him even more by singing the song they always sang at the end of the show:

"Good night, sleep tight, and happy dreams to you.
Here's a wish, and a prayer, for happy dreams to you.
From now until we meet again,
Adios, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen,

How's THAT for a childhood memory?


Anonymous said...

Dianna, My Lisa shares those same memories from her youth. She remembers the bubbles! I don't even remember anything about the show. Can't wait to see your Lily of the Nile. love you, joan

Anonymous said...

I still know that song too! I remember it a little different. I'm a bit older, maybe they changed it after I "grew up. This part was followed by "your" part.
"Good Night! Sleep tight! And pleasant dreams to you.
Here's a wish, and a prayer, that every dream comes true.
And though, it's always sweet sorrow to part,
You know, you'll always remain in my heart!"
(now you join in with your part!)

Goodnight! (mwah!!)