Tuesday, March 06, 2007

My Thoughts About Nancy Crow

Until now, I never really understood all of the hoopla about Nancy Crow. I've always loved the fabrics she designs - mostly landscapes and nature themes - but even after reading her book I still don't understand the connection between her work as an artist and her work as a designer.

At least I now I feel like I have a better understanding of her progression as an artist and what "makes her tick." I appreciate her observations about making her art, and I've even added a quote from her book to my sidebar that I find extremely relevant. I can also relate to her challenges with indecision and insecurity. And although I think she has a lot to offer as a teacher, I still don't think she'd be my cup of tea.

Definitely a worthwhile read, and the quilts and photography are stunning, but unless you're a big fan of her work I'm not sure it's worth the hefty price. Borrow it from the library or a friend, buy it used, or wait until it goes on sale at Amazon.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you totally! But, I do love her quote and it fits you perfectly (and me as well!) You're the finisher; I'm the "in-the-head designer" that never gets it to the finished stage.


Sande said...

I agree with you. On an artistic level she's very good. But her abstract style doesn't appeal to me personally. Too much sameness to her work.
I'm much more pictorial (which is why I love looking at your work!!). But isn't it great that whatever we quilters do there seems to be someone around who will appreciate it!