Thursday, April 13, 2006

Quilt Content Coming Soon!

As soon as I get better. I've been fighting a bad cold and woke up this morning with the glands in my neck so swollen I could barely swallow! I was just certain I had some rare disease (from watching too much "House, M.D." no doubt). They're already going down thanks, in part, to my Jamba Cold Buster smoothie.

On top of all that, I was holding a hoof for Cody to chew on and he crunched down on my thumb nail, right at the nail bed, so I have a bleeding, sore thumb today.

Have you every heard such a downright plea for sympathy??


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Carol Dean said...

That will teach you to get between a dog and his food :D Oh, you poor woman. Soak that thumb in some hydrogen peroxide so it doesn't get infected. Hope the cold/swollen gland stuff disappears soon; that's no fun.

Everyone wants more turtle pix (see QA list if you doubt)!