Monday, April 24, 2006

Art Saturday

I took an oil pastel landscape class on Saturday at the Hui, and this was one of my projects! It's the view of West Maui/Molokai from the Hui. This was my second official "drawing" class and I just loved it! Oil pastels are fun - kind of like coloring with crayons, but better since they blend so nicely. I have one more session next Saturday - I wonder what we'll do next?

There are six of us in the class - all ladies - and one of the students is an oil painter whose work I really admire, Kari McCarthy. She does fabulous landscape paintings with clouds and skies that are so realistic you can almost feel the mist!


Birte said...

Your post popped up in my oil pastel watch list.

I'm jealous of your oil pastel classes! :-) Here in Germany nobody seems to teach oil pastels - at least not where I live.

Keep up the good work! I'm looking forward to more oil pastels from you.

Sande said...

Looks great and looks like LOTS of fun. Hope you were outside doing it!