Monday, December 12, 2005

Christmas Gift #1

This is the sample for my full-sized "Lily" quilt. I finished it just in time to give to my Secret Pal, Bev Lundquist, at the guild meeting last week.

Unfortunately, I wasn't able to give it to her in person because Bruce and I were at the Eagles concert!!

This finished at approx. 9"x14". I'm happy with the black and whites. The large quilt will have multi-color blossoms in the same hues.


Pat's Place said...

What a wonderful gift - it's really a work of art! All the design elements are upheld, the concept is clean and pure, the piece well done. The idea itself is wonderful - with the lace behind the flower. I like it. I really, really LIKE it!

The Calico Cat said...

lovely quilt - I really like the background, but your skill shows through the applique.